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Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's happened a few weeks ago. Just quite lazy to upload the photo, so I'm KIV this story .

This is her first time join sport's day since her first year in kindergargen, so she seems quite nervous.

Look at her face, no smile at all....hehehe, and what so funny is when she suddenly run and came to me, cried, while their teachers busy assembled them. She said, she's bored, but I know, she's nervous, hehehe.....

She only got her spirit while they're doing 'Hockey Pockey Song' , some kind of excercise (ala, macam poco-poco versi budak-budak la...hehehe....)

This is when she played 'fill in the bottle' - got second place for her team

This game - 'throwing the ball into the basket" - first place

Nisaa' with one of her team member

Smile at last, so cute....hmmm....

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